Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My store is OPEN!

Yay!!! My store is finally open and we're SO excited over here at the Ferg Designs Team Blog! Do you want to know where I'm selling at???? Alright.... I'm a Candy Girl!!! You can find my designs EXCLUSIVELY at Digital Candy (!

I also have a few announcements to make!


That's right, I'm having 30% off my entire stock (which is already bargain priced)!!!! Come over to my store and take a look around!

**You should already know about all the things that are going on here at the blog this week but take a look at Sunday's Post if you need a refresher. There are lots of fun games and lots of chances to win good stuff!

**Don't forget that at the end of the week, we will be posting a Fancy That! Layout that we loved that also used Ferg Designs' products. So post away in the DC gallery for a chance to win that $5.00 prize.

**This weekend, I will be hosting a Quick Page Exchange at Digital Candy in the NSD Forum. We will be making Mint Tin Quickpages which are totally cool so come check it out Saturday and Sunday!

**Starting now through Sunday May 4th, any time one of us sees the Ferg Designs Fan blinkie in your signature at Digital Candy, you will get a PM for a gift at my store. The only rule is that the blinkie must be this new one that you see in the side bar that says Digital Candy at the end. Please remember to respect the siggy guidelines at DC which can be found here. Here are some tips that will raise the chances of one of us seeing your siggy: 1) Comment on any of our layouts we've posted this week. I always love looking at my (and my team's) comments and I think the same would apply to them. 2) reply to any of my posts/threads in the NSD forum. 3) Participate in the NSD Quickpage Exchange. I'm in and out of the forums all day long so you shouldn't have a problem not being seen if you have my blinkie (you may even get a PM from more than one of us but the coupon code is the same).

Well, I think that's it for now! Come celebrate with us! Play the games, visit the store, make layouts, and HAVE FUN!!!


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