Saturday, May 24, 2008

Give Me a NEW NAME!!!

Wanna Chance to win my WHOLE STORE?!?!?

I need a new design name! And I need your help! (please and thank you ;) ) If you think of a fab new design name, post it HERE in the comments of THIS post before Wednesday, May 28th, at 11:59 PM!
I will choose a name and announce my new name in Early June! If the name you suggested is the name I choose, then you get to have my WHOLE STORE FREE!!!

So Put your thinking caps on and let's get posting!!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm! I like your name and everyone recognizes it. When I see your name on a post I always go look. Just my two cents.

helenataylor said...

When i think of your site i think of all your cute kits. What do you think of "cutiepatootie"

Just something i like.

Flergs said...

Such a pity you feel you have to do this.

I say keep your name as it is.

But best of luck anyway.

Kim said...

Girl Friday Designs
Duchess Designs (as in Fergie/Sarah Ferguson)
Fancies by Ferg

Teri said...

I love your Mod Turtle and think you should have Mod Turtle Designs!

HeatherW said...

I like your current name, but what about Gref Designs since its Ferg spelled backwards.

I also liked Stylisme Designs

Andrea said...

Lessee, lessee. Some people are coming up with some really good ideas. Mod Turtle is really good, but I should be more creative so I can WIN!

How about

Maria, Maria
Tia Maria
My Name is Maria
Ferg's Follies
Fergason Place
Just Ferg, No-El (jk, jk. LOL)

Best of luck and may the best name win!

ckmom12673 said...

I like Girl Friday Designs...dunno..when I looked at your picture you just seem so wholesome, like a girl friday! Make any sense? Oh well, I like it for you!! ;)

*Crystal* said...

Aww! I think your name is fine as is, but I do like the suggestions of Duchess Designs and Ferg's Fancies. GL!! Sorry I am uncreative!!!!

Cindy said...

Okay, get ready for really creative: MFerg Designs. I would hate to see you get rid of Ferg, as everyone knows you by.

Anonymous said...

Fergie-licious Designs
Miz Ferg Designs

Anonymous said...

sorry - I just looked at Flergs blog and its called Flergalicious -so scrap that one.

Chris~hutchyhutchie said...

What about My Maria Designs? LOL :P

Mimi said...

It sucks to have a name change, but will probably be for the better as I know I was always getting you confused with "Flerg" :)
....hmmmmm, but this is kinda a toughie...
Brightjam designs (it sounds fun)
Not Fergotten ( nevermind)
Pixozzy (again, just sounds fun)
DigiFerg Designs

Neverland Scraps said...

ah I missed it :(
Im sorry. I can't wait to see what name you pick!!

Mimi said...

I don't know if you've already chosen, but last night 'UnFergettable Designs' popped into my head

Ferg Designs said...

These are all great ideas! thanks everybody who submitted something!!! I have made my decision and am currently working on marketing materials for the new name! I'll post the winner when I reveal my new identity!!!