Thursday, July 17, 2008

Featured Scrapper: Tanyia Deskins

Hi everyone, Shannon here. I'm so busted!! We interview Digital Candy scrappers here on the blog every Thursday, and I dropped the ball! So thanks Tanyia (Pretty Pixels at DC) for being such a great sport on such short notice. :)

S: How about 20 Random Questions?
T: Sure :P
S: Okay, let's say you're housesitting for someone. They're not family, but you like each other enough to call her a friend. She receives a piece of mail marked URGENT, and she's not answering her cell. Do you open her mail?
T: heck no!
S: What did your mom and/or dad used to call you when they were mad?
T: lol, Tanyia Suzanne
S: If you and a friend were both arrested and the police told you they'd release your friend if you confess to the crime, would you confess?
T: if I wasn't guilty...nope
S: Do you tell strangers if their fly is down?
T: yes! lol
S: These are from a survey I wrote on myspace a long time ago, just so you know. ;)
T: hehe
S: If you walk by a group of people and they start laughing, do you assume they're laughing at you?
T: nope
S: Do you randomly quote movies?
T: not really, no
S: hey, it said you were typing...what was it?
T: I was gonna say... although lately my daughter and I have been saying that quote from the Norbert movie, "How you doin'?" lol
S: Hahaha! Have you ever left a restaurant without paying?
T: never I'd be too chicken lol
S: How many times do you hit snooze before you get up?
T: lol...I'm so bad about that!!! I would say 3 to 5 times!
S: hehe, I used to set mine an hour earlier than i needed to be up, just for that! I know how you feel. :) If you could be any celebrity for one day, who would you be?
T: oh my.... ummm...I'll say Madonna!
S: because of the yucky divorce, or in spite of it?
T: just because she could pretty much do whatever she wants and noone is shocked anymore lol
S: haha, that's a good answer. Oh, you were typing again, I saw it! ;)
T: omg you are terrible lol
S: hehe, I'm not usually this bad, I swear!
T: i was just gonna say plus she is like 50 and so fit and gorgeous
S: yeah, no kidding, it's sick. Does Queen really rock you?
T: not in the slightest hehe
S: If you could send a Thank You note to one teacher from your past, who would it be and why?
T: Mrs. 7th grade Lit teacher...cause I had a crappy childhood and she gave me a sanctuary in reading and a true love of classic Literature :)
S: holy cow! my 8th grade english teacher did that for me when I had a creative writing thing she did when I was in the 7th grade! I later was lucky enough to have her as my 8th grade English teacher! She's why I wanted to go back and be a middle school English teacher. She gave me the sanctuary I needed when she taught me to write.
T: that's a great outlet too
S: Hmm, I have no idea how many questions I've asked
T: lol me neither
S: how about we finish on a typical note after all, now that I've stretched your brain? Did you ever paper scrap?
T: yes that's how I started :)
S: and how long were you doing that before you went digi?
T: .... about 4 years...and I would make page kits and...the hard version of QPs and would sell them on Ebay I did that for about a year
S: oooh, cool. What's it like selling on eBay?
T: fickle...very, it's so just touch and go what people want at the moment. But I made enough to have to do taxes so it worked :) then after that I owned my own jewelry company too hehe, I just love making things I guess.
S: ooh, wow, jewelry company sounds rad!
T: yea it was a load of fun. I still have a ton of stuff left over that the girls and I make stuff with here and there
S: Neato! So how did you get into digi-scrap designing?
T: I just wanted to learn to make my own things from the moment I started digi scrapping...just naturally what I would try I guess ... to make my own. But I sucked really bad at first hehe
S: Yeah, I'm sure most people do. That's why I scrap :)
S: So let's see, a finale question....What is the best thing about life, and what is the worst?
T: the best is family/ and support. The worse is mean drama llamas! Mean people suck!
S: Oh wait, I had a real question from earlier, I was gonna ask anyways. Is it TAWN-ya or TAN-ya?
T: Tawn-ya. my family call me tawni
S: ahh okay. Cool! Thanks for being such a good sport :)
T: np sweetie.....and btw.... I really talk like that lmao: hun, and sweetie...I just noticed when my 10 yr old is mad at my 7 yrs old, she says....come on hun, please stop that lol
S: lol, I don't doubt it :)

Here's is Tanyia's currently favorite layout (please click on it so you can go leave her some love!):

This was made using her brand new kit called Feelin' Fresh. It's so pretty!

So that's me and Tanyia, she really was a good sport, wasn't she?! Thanks again Tanyia! You can check out her Digital Candy gallery here and her Digital Candy store here.



@}-- ruby --{@ said...

That was fun to read, your conversation so lively and real... nothing censored?! lol Glad you have this Q&A with TAWN-ya Shannon, now I should keep that in mind and stop calling her TAN-ya ;)

Kaytee said...

Tanyia, you are the best!!! You are such a talented designer!!!!

amanda said...

This was great you two! Great questions, and it was fun to get to know you better, Tanyia. And it's also a plus to know how to pronounce your name!

Shannon said...

Haha, was I really not the only person who thought it might be TAN-ya? Lol. I think you're all just making fun of my question. *-)

Kerrie (Kat) Tankersley said...

What a neat idea, how fun!

Anonymous said...

at least you got to ask her online Shannon. I had to ask her in person, the first time we met IRL about 6 years ago? :)

you can look through my mail anytime girl. No secrets here. ;) I'd soooooo bail you outta jail tho. LOL

TatorTotMom said...

What a fun interview to read! I agree the name thing is a plus :o)