Sunday, August 31, 2008

Featuring this weeks star CT layouts

So, this was a tough week for me. There is nothing better than a little 'me' time after a tough week. For those who don't know, I got my own Kindergarten classroom this year! I have spent the last two weeks preparing, and on Thursday I began Kindergarten testing. I can't wait for the school year to start, but I am plumb wore out already! I have taught Kindergarten before, so I know it is just a matter of getting into a routine.

So, back to the 'me' time.... this morning I spent a hour or so with my morning cup of coffee, checking out our Digital Candy Gallery to see all of the awesome CT layouts for this week. TALK ABOUT GETTING INSPIRED! I found a few ideas for decorating my classroom, and a few scraplifts to do too!

Here are my picks for the star CT layouts of the week --- be sure to leave them some lovin' on DC too by clicking the photo!

The first one that popped out at me is Deb's "Stinker" layout! Mostly because I tried to do the element challenge, and failed miserably! I just couldn't get that sticker to look just right, but Deb sure did. She used Duchess's Mod Turtle kit -- and check out that photo! ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!

Next, I chose a sweet layout that was just so simple, sweet and charming. It comes from Christie, and she used Vanilla Dreams, and Template pack #4 for this beauty! This one is called "Sleep".
Carey's "Play Ball" layout really caught my eye because of her use of elements. I always love when page layouts include a number of different kits. Partially because I am not always that creative to be able to mix and match and have it look amazing. Carey's looks fab, and she used a bunch of the Buddies kits all in one layout! LOVE IT!
Lastly, I chose a layout appropriately called "Little Buddies" by Hillary. How cute these two look inside that picture wheel! She used this week's featured kit Buddies: Kooper and the Kooper freebie add on.
Thanks for looking ! I am off to the Rascall Flatts concert to unwind :) Have a fabulous week everyone!


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