Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Folding Clothes With Christie Lemmon

It's 11;25 pm Tuesday night and you all know what that means.....time for another Shannon-style interview! This time I had a chance to chat with Christie Lemmon, a Duchess Designs CT member and brand new designer selling exclusively at Digital Candy! Christie is one awesome chick, super-talented and a fun person to talk to. So here goes nothin! (If y'all see any typos or spelling errors, ignore them please, just this once!)

And I'd like to note that Christie's IM availability said "Folding clothes...:( " the whole time we talked, lol.

doomfaeryshannon (11:41:58 PM): hate to interrupt clothes folding, lol, but when you have a sec.....
clemmon03@att.net (11:42:15 PM): oh please....save me!!
doomfaeryshannon (11:42:20 PM): lol
doomfaeryshannon (11:42:23 PM): I can try ;)
doomfaeryshannon (11:42:29 PM): feeling kinda sick tonight
clemmon03@att.net (11:42:32 PM): awww
clemmon03@att.net (11:42:35 PM): I'm sorry to hear that
doomfaeryshannon (11:45:11 PM): so I'm trying to get myself into the groove of being able to talk coherently, Maria's been sweet enough to put up with me this last hour or so, lol
clemmon03@att.net (11:45:22 PM): awwww
clemmon03@att.net (11:45:24 PM): she's so great!!
doomfaeryshannon (11:45:37 PM): heck yeah she is!
doomfaeryshannon (11:45:52 PM): this is the 1st CT I was ever on
clemmon03@att.net (11:46:08 PM): she's sooooooo helpful!!!
doomfaeryshannon (11:46:19 PM): I don't doubt it :)
doomfaeryshannon (11:46:34 PM): What made you want to design in the first place?
clemmon03@att.net (11:47:26 PM): My partner in scrap Rachel (rachnmaddie) got me hooked on it. She started designing and about 2 months later I im'd her and said "So I have a kit in mind-point me in the right direction so I can create it" and from there on I was hooked!!
doomfaeryshannon (11:48:09 PM): awesome! where did she point you then?
clemmon03@att.net (11:49:00 PM): she told me to buy/look for commercial use freebies and pay items. She gave me a few store links and I just kept an eye on digifree for CU freebies. She also gave me some photoshop pointers like hue/saturation and blend modes
[Note: she was distracted at this point in the interview by her sister asking her questions.]
doomfaeryshannon (11:50:37 PM): Do you have a pretty big family?
clemmon03@att.net (11:51:11 PM): just my little sister Jennie, 24. She lives with us and has for the past 3 years.
doomfaeryshannon (11:51:45 PM): that must be an interesting dynamic, does she help with Kate?
clemmon03@att.net (11:52:21 PM): oh alllllllllllll the time!!! It's been really nice having her here. She helps out with Kate, the dishes, cleaning up the house. It's awesome!
doomfaeryshannon (11:52:38 PM): man, i wish i had a sister to come live with me and help with the dishes!
clemmon03@att.net (11:53:12 PM): LOL, to be honest I very rarely do dishes. It's the one thing I hate to do. Conor and Jennie pretty much take care of them.
clemmon03@att.net (11:53:30 PM): I love to cook but I hate cleaning up the mess!
doomfaeryshannon (11:53:44 PM): dh (nate) and I agreed in the very beginning that he would do the dishes, cuz I hate them, and I would do the laundry, cuz he hates that and now i do the dishes too, most of the time ;)
clemmon03@att.net (11:53:57 PM): LOL
clemmon03@att.net (11:54:42 PM): i do the dishes when I 'feel' like it but that doesn't happen all that often.
doomfaeryshannon (11:55:00 PM): lol, yeah
doomfaeryshannon (11:55:26 PM): so how long have you been scrapping?
clemmon03@att.net (11:56:32 PM): since November-ish of last year. I started making siggys for a message board earlier last year, then Rach and I became friends and she did digital scrapbooking. She introduced me too it and again, I've been hooked ever since!!
doomfaeryshannon (11:57:19 PM): wow, so you didn't even start out by scrapping?
clemmon03@att.net (11:58:21 PM): oh yeah, sorry. I did paper scrap. I started paper scrapping after Conor and I got married so 5 1/2 years ago. I did it but not very regularly as I hated the mess it made! All the tiny, little paper scraps just drove me crazy!!
doomfaeryshannon (11:58:43 PM): lol, yeah I've got several pencil cases with paper scraps piled in them
clemmon03@att.net (11:59:07 PM): exactly!!! I kept all the extra pieces, just inc ase i needed them and did I ever use them?!?! NO!
doomfaeryshannon (11:59:36 PM): I do, for card making at holiday time, that's about it
clemmon03@att.net (12:00:01 AM): Digital scrapbooking just fits me more than paper scrapping. I love being able to use things over and over again. And there is no mess!!
clemmon03@att.net (12:00:39 AM): I recently purchased a kit and made 16 pages from one kit!! I got my moneys worth out of it-that's for sure!
doomfaeryshannon (12:01:03 AM): 16?! how long did that take? it would take me, like, a month!
clemmon03@att.net (12:01:43 AM): lol, well I re-did my first digital scrapbooking pages with it. It just happened to be Kate's birth layouts. I did everything from the belly shots page, to the baby's room, to the day of her birth.
doomfaeryshannon (12:02:04 AM): i bet it makes a really neat album
clemmon03@att.net (12:02:30 AM): yeah I can't wait to send it to shutterfly and get it printed up. Looking through my gallery with the pages somewhat in order it looks awesome!
doomfaeryshannon (12:02:48 AM): I bet!
doomfaeryshannon (12:10:11 AM): so what do you do when you're not scrapping and designing?
clemmon03@att.net (12:10:39 AM): hmmm there's more to life than scrapping and designing?!?! rofl
doomfaeryshannon (12:11:08 AM): lol, sometimes
clemmon03@att.net (12:11:27 AM): Well I work 3 hrs a day, 3 days a week for my parents. Very light office work and most of the time I'm posting on digital candy or DST
doomfaeryshannon (12:11:41 AM): must be VERY light, lol
clemmon03@att.net (12:14:26 AM): very light office work indeed!! Answering phones is pretty much all I do.
clemmon03@att.net (12:13:18 AM): Other than that I spend most of my time with Kate. Ever since I was little I knew my life's mission was to be a mom. I started babysitting when I turned 13 and saved all my money for 2 years to buy my first car at 15 years old. I loved babysitting and it made it even more clear to me that I was made to be a mom! Kate is my life and I love spending every single moment with her.
doomfaeryshannon (12:14:32 AM): lol, that can be tough
doomfaeryshannon (12:14:51 AM): are you planning on having another child soon then? or like 10 more?
clemmon03@att.net (12:14:59 AM): LOL
clemmon03@att.net (12:15:55 AM): 1 more hopefully soon!! I'm so jealous of those that are pregnant right now cuz I'd so love to be.
doomfaeryshannon (12:16:23 AM): hahaha, yeah i TOTALLY know what you're saying, it feels like everyone's pregnant but me
clemmon03@att.net (12:16:31 AM): yes!! exactly!!!
clemmon03@att.net (12:16:49 AM): however, i'm having a hard time convincing myself that it's time to be pg again
clemmon03@att.net (12:16:59 AM): this time i know what i'm getting myself into! yikes!!
clemmon03@att.net (12:17:02 AM): look out conor, rofl
doomfaeryshannon (12:23:16 AM): So what does conor do?
clemmon03@att.net (12:23:39 AM): he is the Senior Project Manager for a local construction company
doomfaeryshannon (12:24:15 AM): wow, so he doesn't have to do all the manual work then?
doomfaeryshannon (12:24:37 AM): Senior Project Manager sounds important
clemmon03@att.net (12:24:51 AM): nope, he has an office job and runs some errands and such. He gets permits together for jobs, checks the county records, etc
doomfaeryshannon (12:25:01 AM): ahh cool
clemmon03@att.net (12:25:17 AM): yeah it's a super flexible job so that's nice
doomfaeryshannon (12:25:44 AM): oh yeah, i did want to ask, what was the first thing you ever designed?
clemmon03@att.net (12:25:51 AM): cherry lemonade
doomfaeryshannon (12:26:18 AM): yeah, but like the very first thing, the first item that you were like, holy cow, i made something, i'm a designer now!
clemmon03@att.net (12:26:58 AM): hmmmm, well it'd have to be something in cherry lemonade and i think it was a paper
clemmon03@att.net (12:27:08 AM): i made the papers in one evening
clemmon03@att.net (12:27:15 AM): all at once
clemmon03@att.net (12:27:19 AM): is that what you mean?
doomfaeryshannon (12:27:44 AM): yup :)
doomfaeryshannon (12:27:59 AM): i think so anyways, lol
clemmon03@att.net (12:28:07 AM): lol
doomfaeryshannon (12:28:28 AM): if there were a movie about your life, who would you pick to play you?
clemmon03@att.net (12:28:41 AM): Julia Roberts
clemmon03@att.net (12:28:57 AM): she's so talented
doomfaeryshannon (12:29:03 AM): yeah she is :)
doomfaeryshannon (12:29:12 AM): how many ct's are you on now?
clemmon03@att.net (12:29:36 AM): 3-Duchess Designs, Steel City Scraps and Beckie Wallace Designs
doomfaeryshannon (12:30:08 AM): and do you have any tricks for managing your responsibilities, like a datebook, or excel spreadsheet, or bulletin board?
clemmon03@att.net (12:32:35 AM): lol, i keep going back and forth on my answer...ok here's the real one.....
doomfaeryshannon (12:33:37 AM): lol
clemmon03@att.net (12:33:37 AM): I try and do my ct layouts for the digital candy challenges. That way you're knocking out a CT LO and adding to your DC points so you can get a gift certificate to the store.
doomfaeryshannon (12:33:54 AM): I'm with you there ;)
clemmon03@att.net (12:33:59 AM): i kept typing out something then erasing then retyping it, lol
doomfaeryshannon (12:35:30 AM): when i joined my second ct, and started really applying for others, I actually bought a datebook so i could write down the challenges at all the different sites, the call end dates, stuff like that
doomfaeryshannon (12:35:43 AM): i felt so nerdy buying a datebook for digiscrapping
doomfaeryshannon (12:36:15 AM): whats your favorite DC challenge?
clemmon03@att.net (12:36:42 AM): lol@the date book, that's funny
clemmon03@att.net (12:36:57 AM): hmmmm
clemmon03@att.net (12:37:17 AM): it'd have to be the speed scrap!!
clemmon03@att.net (12:37:26 AM): it's the most stressful hour of my life but the funnest too!
doomfaeryshannon (12:37:29 AM): lol, well duh! you're so vocal about that ;)
clemmon03@att.net (12:37:33 AM): LOL
doomfaeryshannon (12:38:31 AM): yeah, it seems i like my ss layouts better than the ones i spend forever on
clemmon03@att.net (12:38:43 AM): exactly!!! Jenn rocks the directions!
doomfaeryshannon (12:39:03 AM): i think dc could do it every week if the other designers jumped on board to help lead it
doomfaeryshannon (12:39:14 AM): or make stuff for it
clemmon03@att.net (12:39:15 AM): i totally would LOVE to lead one
clemmon03@att.net (12:39:25 AM): hmm i may have to talk to someone about that
doomfaeryshannon (12:39:50 AM): you totally should!
doomfaeryshannon (12:39:59 AM): are you leading any challenges right now?
clemmon03@att.net (12:40:27 AM): not right now but i'll be hosting the digidare starting in september
doomfaeryshannon (12:40:36 AM): cool
clemmon03@att.net (12:40:42 AM): :)
clemmon03@att.net (12:41:43 AM): how is the "oh no you didn't" going?
doomfaeryshannon (12:41:56 AM): better since jamie was nice enough to post in the community forum
doomfaeryshannon (12:42:07 AM): i had one entry so far i think
clemmon03@att.net (12:42:39 AM): awww, i'll have to check it out!
doomfaeryshannon (12:43:21 AM): yeah i had all these great ideas for it a couple months ago, and since then almost all of them have been in some challenge somewhere
clemmon03@att.net (12:43:37 AM): aw man!!!
doomfaeryshannon (12:43:50 AM): yeah, thats what i get for trying to be so original,lol
doomfaeryshannon (12:44:10 AM): k, so i'm gonna have to sign off soon, i'm starting to slur my typing
doomfaeryshannon (12:44:25 AM): so, tell me about christie lemmon in two sentences
doomfaeryshannon (12:46:43 AM): and i should tell the people i interview that they're not allowed to use the backspace key
clemmon03@att.net (12:47:07 AM): Christie Lemmon is a happy mommy who loves to create. She is inspired by her daughter, Kate and enjoys a good cup of coffee.
clemmon03@att.net (12:47:16 AM): ok there was only one back space and that was to add the word, Kate
doomfaeryshannon (12:47:26 AM): ahh okay :)
doomfaeryshannon (12:48:25 AM): That was a neat description
clemmon03@att.net (12:48:37 AM): aw thanks!
doomfaeryshannon (12:50:50 AM): okie doke! have a good night, and thanks for letting me ask a bunch of random questions
doomfaeryshannon (12:51:58 AM): g'night!
clemmon03@att.net (12:52:01 AM): night!

Yeah, I left the timestamps in, lol. Who knows maybe someone will get a kick out of them! So here are some awesome layouts by Christie and a couple previews thrown in there for good luck. ;)

This is Cherry Lemonade, the first kit she ever made:

This is her newest addition to the shop: