Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet Mrs. Romer!

Yay, 11:27, just in time to start writing the August 12th blog post! Yep, it's me Shannon, late as always. :)

So tonight I'd like to introduce you to MrsRomer, or Tami as those privileged enough to talk with her might call her. *-) She is one of the Guests of the Royal Court this month, and she is awesome! We're so lucky to have her with us!

MrsRomer: Did you see Tanyia's post today about making ice cream?
Shannon: hehe, no. But I'm eating some right now :)
MrsRomer: well, we made some tonight and ate it for dinner
Shannon: for dinner? can you be my mom?
MrsRomer: lol, it was DH's idea
MrsRomer: and it meant I didn't have to cook :) LOL
MrsRomer: Oh & I wanted to say, I really love your quote about nothing tastes as good as being thin
Shannon: lol, thats great...and thanks
Shannon: I think it's a quote for some weight loss program, I dunno. I saw the word art for it at Bethany Harty's word art blog.
MrsRomer: I want to make magnets for my fridge with that!
Shannon: heck yes! I'm putting it anywhere there's food.
MrsRomer: I saw that in your post. I REALLY need to do that and get back into my karate.
MrsRomer: I need to do something, that's for sure. Especially now that I sit in front of the computer that much more with my new addiction.
Shannon: ha, yeah I know all about that :)
Shannon: Did you ever paper scrap?
MrsRomer: I say I did, but I'm not really sure I completed more than 2 LO's, a few partials though.
MrsRomer: At least with that, I would get up & move around looking for supplies.
MrsRomer: I did make a mini scrapbook/memory book for my mom for Mother's day.
Shannon: Hybrid, or totally paper?
MrsRomer: Totally paper.
Shannon: That's cool :)
Shannon: How long have you been digi scrapping?
MrsRomer: About 2 months.
Shannon: Wow, you just jumped in with both feet!
MrsRomer: Yep, that's what I do...all or nothing.
Shannon: Do you have a lot of background with computers?
MrsRomer: Not a whole lot, just basic usage.
MrsRomer: I'm a pretty fast learner, hands on.
Shannon: What's your favorite thing to scrap?
MrsRomer: My family.
MrsRomer: I try to keep it even so there is no jealousy (between the kids or hubbie).
Shannon: How many kids do you have?
MrsRomer: 2 boys 15 & 4 (and the 49 year old one too).
Shannon: haha, a house full of boys, I respect you very much! and quite the spread there, that must be interesting.
MrsRomer: Yeah, kind of a funny story with that.
Shannon: I don't doubt that. Was the 4yo a surprise?
MrsRomer: I was a single Mom for 10 years, had finally accepted being single and not having more children. I was creating an online dating ad for my older sister and searching for a guy for her. I saw this guy's picture and liked his smile, so I winked at him. It was the BEST 1st date I had ever been on...actually THE best date I had ever been on. I knew that night I was in trouble.
Shannon: That's a fantastic story!
MrsRomer: Our relationship was going great and I was taking it slow. I got a call my Dad was in a coma and was dying. I flew back to Maine for 3 weeks to help Mom handle everything. I did not feel well, but I had hurt my back a few weeks before the call and in the stress of the situation, didn't think much of it. I even said to my Mom while there "they say for everyone who dies, someone is born. I wonder who is going to have Daddy's baby?" When I got home to Texas, I swore I had the flu! I was SICK! For weeks. Finally Michael said he was taking me to the doctor. The doctor told me I was pregnant, I looked up (to my Daddy) and said "I know you're laughing." When I returned to work, I called my Mom and asked her if she was sitting down. She said "No and I don't need to. I know" I said "You know I'm pregnant?" She replies, "Yeah, I kinda thought you were when you were here (a few weeks), but I guess I forgot to mention it"
Shannon: lol, forgot to mention it, sounds like my mom.
Shannon: That's an awesome story about your son.
MrsRomer: Yep, he was a surprise, from Sunday DirecTV NFL Ticket :) We think it was the Colts game.
Shannon: lol, You watch football?
Shannon: I would DIE if we could afford NFL Ticket
MrsRomer: Love football. NE Patriots & Colts are my boys.
Shannon: Yay! Another woman that loves football!
MrsRomer: It was a lot easier to watch football before the baby
Shannon: Well, he's old enough to start enjoying it now.
MrsRomer: You would think he would have came out of the womb throwing a ball, but he only watches for a few minutes.
Shannon: lol, dh loves it too eh?
Shannon: mine can't stand it
MrsRomer: lol
MrsRomer: wait, your daughter or your DH?
Shannon: my DH
Shannon: daughter was a QB for her 2nd halloween
MrsRomer: {Puts up the time out sign}
MrsRomer: and you married him because??????
MrsRomer: lol, j/k
Shannon: lol....uh
Shannon: I joke with him that its his money.
Shannon: Him being Army and all
MrsRomer: I won't hold that against your DH either
MrsRomer: {ROFL}
Shannon: lol, yeah well...
MrsRomer: My DH started in the Army for 6 years, then went Navy
Shannon: ahh okay, that's cool. It's good for you, Navy usually has better everything, from what I hear. Nicer housing and cleaner bases anyways. :)
Shannon: Does your husband travel a lot?
MrsRomer: Not any more, he's on shore duty and he retires Jan. '09 with 24 years of service!
Shannon: holy cow!!
MrsRomer: yeah, he's old!
MrsRomer: {ROFL}
Shannon: nah
Shannon: experienced
MrsRomer: yeah, that's what he likes to say. He's 14 years older than me. But he is so young at heart
Shannon: that's what counts
MrsRomer: yep!
Shannon: so you missed out on most of his sea duty then?
MrsRomer: Sadly, yes. I really wish I could have been around for more of it. We don't live in a military community now and I miss it so bad!
Shannon: yeah I love it. Nate and I have this thing where we tour bases and stuff when we're on trips. Like if we're in a city with an installation we go drive around it and stuff. We'll be one of those old retired couples with an Rv that just drive from base to base.
MrsRomer: I think that's an awesome plan
MrsRomer: I had a duh moment:
MrsRomer: I forgot we were doing an interview, I've just been blabbing.
MrsRomer: lol
Shannon: hahaha, it makes it more real
MrsRomer: I'm a very real person
Shannon: I'm glad you forgot
Shannon: So.....If someone made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
MrsRomer: I'm blank. Has to be someone spunky!
MrsRomer: I can't remember her name, she played in My Cousin Vinny
Shannon: I love her! Marisa Tomei.
Shannon: do you have that accent too?
MrsRomer: Yeah, that's her. I'm a mixed breed. I have a mix of a yankee & a southern accent
MrsRomer: I can sound like that....my DH laughs at me because sometimes I come out with a Jewish accent, especially when I get mad at him
MrsRomer: no, I'm not Jewish, LOL
Shannon: hehe, sounds like me, oh but not the Jewish part
Shannon: lol, thats even funnier!
Shannon: I copy the way people talk, on accident.
Shannon: and my friend is from Minnesota
Shannon: so since we've met I've begun talking differently, and Nate thinks it's hilarious when I now say things like "tayg" instead of "tag" or "backs" instead of box"
MrsRomer: LOL
MrsRomer: I even spoke with a German accent when I lived over there.
Shannon: Well that would be a good thing. :)
Shannon: I gotta go post this interview soon! Time's getting away from me again :) so real quick
Shannon: what's your job IRL?
MrsRomer: I work for a small trucking company that hauls vehicles. My bosses irritate the heck out of us, unorganized, forget to share pertinent info with us, but wouldn't trade them for the world (on most days)! I do the billing & collections as well as maintain D.O.T. files, tax fuels, ordering, orientation, back up on invoices and anything else they feel like dumping on.
Shannon: sounds like glorious fun!
Shannon: Is there anything else we should know about you?
Shannon: And thanks again for being so open! I've had lots of fun getting to know you! :-D
MrsRomer: Hmmm, you mean I haven't thrown in the kitchen sink yet? There's more to know? Well, don't want to give out too much or I might become boring. (Another way of saying, it's late and my brain shut off already )
MrsRomer: Thank you Shannon, I have really enjoyed chatting with you tonight!
MrsRomer: oh....
MrsRomer: Go Navy!
MrsRomer: I promised DH I would end with that
Shannon: hehe, you're such a good wife!
MrsRomer: LOL, I try :)

So Wow, that was super long, and I even cut it down! I had so much fun talking to her tonight, and I'm sure we'll talk more! Thanks again Tami. :-D Hope you all enjoyed this awesome interview/chat!

Here are some of the wonderful layouts Tami has done (feel free to click on them and leave her some love!):


MrsRomer said...

Thank you Shannon, it was my honor. Honestly, I didn't remember it was an interview until the end. (Yes, she did edit it LOL we chatted for a couple hours I think) You were just a blast to chat with. It's always nice to chat with another military spouse! Support our Troops and Support our Veterans!

Jamie Lee said...

Great interview! It was really cool how it was more of a chat than a formal interview! Although it made me feel a little naughty... like I was eaves-dropping or something... haha! Tami, I love the story about how you met your DH and about your youngest son... so sweet!! And count me in on the "women who love football" club!!! I'm so excited that it's football season again!!!