Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All around our Candy Land!!!!

Well, besides having 38 kindergarteners in ONE class - yep, you read that correctly... 38 - my world is blissfully happy. I am so excited that I snagged a bunch of 'Back to School' goodies during the B2S festivities at Digital Candy, because my three year old will be starting her first day of Pre-school tomorrow. I am sure that I am more excited about it than she is! So stay tuned to the gallery this weekend for a bunch of layouts of my little Madelyn posing as if it was a mega-super-model exotic location shoot! Proud mama boasting, but she is cutie :)

Ok, on to the business at hand. I would like to draw your attention to some fabulous things going on over at DC this week.

First and foremost, I am a 'SUCKA' for a Grab Bag! Brenda Smith Designs and Mickey B both have some new Grab Bags in the store that I am dying to snag --- you know I have no self-control so I am sure I will get them on my payday (which, isn't enough --- did I mention I have 38 kids in my Kindergarten???) Ahem, sorry --- here are the previews and you can click them to head to their respective shops!
Secondly, Christie Lemmon Designs is hosting the September 1-14 Digi-Dare challenge! Very cool challenge fitting in with our back to school theme - you have to scrap a "SCHOOL PIC" -- and what fun! You have to stop by and check it out... if you are chicken ((laughs and points at you saying BAWK, BAWK )) then you can always stop by the Digi-Dare gallery and leave some love for the brave ones who did participate :) Here is Christie's Layout for the challenge -- what a cutie. This was her first day of preschool --- ((ok, now I am tearing up -- my baby starts tomorrow ---WHAAAAAAAA!!!!!))

Fairytale Studios has a sweet new kit out called Retro Boy -- it is so cute. You know there are NEVER enough boy kits out there. I, myself, am guilty of neglecting the boy kits (sorry, ya'll two girls over here!) -- and this one is adorable to say the least. Check it out !
Lastly, I have to PLUG -- I am a member of Digital Candy's Sweet Tart Team and HELLO!!! we have a fabulous new freebie kit out called 'Fall Forevermore' .... I am so sorry, but I said FREE! Don't run, walk over to the freebie gallery to snag this one.
This turned out to be a long and involved post, but I am sure you can tell I have some pent up emotions I need to let out --- DID I MENTION I HAVE 38 KINDERGARTENERS IN MY CLASS???????? Ok, I should tell you, they are working on getting another teacher in with me so that we can split the class, then I will only have 19. Then, I will be able to breath easy. Until then, I am STRESSED OUT!!!!

I am sure you are hoping I never post again :) HE HE HE, see you on the flip side :)


Jody said...

38 kids!!! Working on getting you another teacher!!!! Good grief this is insane. Where I live this is not allowed.

I hope they solve this soon for your sake, and for the kids sake.

EyUpDuck said...

so how many kindergarteners have you got in your class? I don't think you told us did you :p
As Jody said above, that would not be allowed where I am .. I don't know how you cope .. I couldn't do it thats for sure! xx

MrsRomer said...

Holy cow!!! I would need a mega sedative! LOL