Friday, November 7, 2008

Fancy That Friday!

YAY! It's Friday!.... I'm not too sure why I am excited about that, I don't really have any big plans but DH will have the weekend off so that will be nice!

So I wanted to share this funny little story about Cole (I know, he's all I ever talk!) A couple of days ago we had his 1 year check up at the doctors and he had to get 4 shots. Now this is the first time that he is actually old enough to understand what is going on! So he was his cute happy self the entire appointment.... and then we got to the part with the shots. Nick held him (because I seriously can't do it!) and I tried to comfort him. The nurse gave him his first shot in his arm and he gave her the most shocked look I have ever seen, like "Why in the world did you just do that to me?" and then he just started screaming! Unfortunately that first poke started bleeding and so blood was running down his arm and she had to stop and put a band-aid on it real quick. She gave him the other three and he, of course, continued to scream. As soon as she was done, I grabbed him from Nick and immediately comforted him and got him to stop crying. The nurse wanted to clean up the blood on his arm so she got a wet paper towel and came over. Well, as soon as she came at him and tried to wipe off his arm, he pulled his arm away from her so fast and gave her the dirtiest look, like "Oh No Lady! You are not getting anywhere near my arm.... I fell for your tricks already once today!". I just thought his reaction was so funny! He bucked up pretty quickly and after mommy gave him a cookie he was back to normal.... we were even able to go out to lunch right after the appointment and he was great at the restaurant!

Wow! That story was a lot longer than I thought it would be! And I'm probably the only one who finds it funny.... haha.... oh well!

Anyways, it's Friday so that means that I get to chose one LO for Fancy That! All week I've been checking out the gallery, trying decide which LO to feature. And then yesterday I came across this really cute LO by Leah (tinkerbel73) in the Scrap Dish gallery!

(image is linked so you can leave her some love!)

"Happy Hauntings" is probably one of my favorite Duchess Designs kits and I really love what Leah did with it! The cute little spiders and the fun circles and ovals! Plus I like how she has the photos in one corner and the web and spider in the other... it really balances it out!! And , of course, the cute little kiddies! Overall it's just a great LO!


Scrapdolly said...

Bless him - cute story and it is a great page you showcased.
Visting from the blog train

Carey said...

LOL! Collin had the same reaction to his first shots. Fortunately, they had two nurses that poked him in either leg at the same time, so it was over faster. After that, he freaked out every time he saw a Garfield bandaid (what they used)! I just hate when they look at you like "what is going on, Mom? And why are you letting them do this to me??!!"

chicapooh said...

Being a mom, I can appreciate that story. My son just had his 1 year checkup also, and that's pretty much the same reaction I got from him! It's the same reaction every time he get's shots! I know I shouldn't laugh, but it's just so funny to see this happy, loving child give the "death look". Thanks for sharing your story!

The Duchess said...

Oh man Jamie! At Elliott's 18mo appt a little while ago, I had to hold him in the tight grip while the nurse did the poking (4 pokes I think too). Elliott didn't see the nurse, only knew that I was holding him while he was getting hurt. so after the shots were done and I let him go, he gave ME the nastiest look and went running to the nurse to save him!!!! Little Stinker!