Sunday, November 9, 2008


Good morning everyone. Hope your day has started a bit better than mine. Our 4 y.o. often gets in bed with us during the wee hours of the morning. So that was not unusual when he did this morning. But when we started hearing gurgling noises...well, yeah, he got sick. DH managed to go back to sleep after. I was up for the morning after that, way earlier than neccesary.

Do you have tricks you use when you are running low on creative mojo? I tend to try 2 things, 1) TEMPLATES! (Yes, I'm a junkie, can't get enough! And I so agree with Maria that ChrissyW ROCKS!) and 2) Go looking in the galleries. When I first go in, I like to scan real quick and see if any just grab me. If one or 2 just jump out at me, then I study it a little more to see if I can figure out why.

This morning I would like to share a few with you that jumped out at me. The first one is by amyu - movin', using How I Roll. The photo effect is amazing and I love the simplicity. The colors really help it stand out without being overbearing.

The next one I found is this adorable one by jam1el33 - Halloween using Happy Haunting. The b&w photos definitely stand out. I love the colors and frame with the web. With just the right amount of bling!

Last, but not least we have dominick in the leaves by ta_merkins using Falling Leaves. This is so simple, but complete. I think, okay, I know I would overkill if I tried to do a simple LO like this, but she knew the perfect spot to stop on! The photo effect just adds so much!

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onescrappymom said...

I have to go looking for inspiration myself. I need to get back scrappin after a few weeks "off". Time to get the mojo moving!! Thanks for sharing these!!

Tiffani said...

I havent scrapped in so mojo is SOOO gone. Great layouts!