Saturday, February 28, 2009

Desire 2 Inspire

Boy do I have exciting news! I’m taking part in the Desire 2 Inspire designer contest at ~Inspiration Lane~! I totally love Inspiration Lane as a shoppe and have often found exactly what I was looking for there. I can’t believe I have this opportunity to learn from them and the *possibility* of selling in their shoppe!

The great thing about Desire 2 Inspire is that they are really teaching some very useful information that will help us all grow by leaps and bounds and learn plenty new techniques.

So I put together a pre-contest mini kit that I’m going to give to you all here…. but ONLY for 48 hours!! you have to hurry because after 48 hours has passed, I’m putting this mini kit in my store!

Plus keep checking back here often (at least once a week) because I will periodically pass these freebies on to you, and at least tell you where you can get them. I’m told that at some point during the contest, the # of people who download the submission will be helpful to me. So stick with me my awesome fans!

So here’s “Just Wanna Have Fun.” (Thanks for looking! sorry the download has expired)



Hillary said...

Fun little mini Maria! Thank you!