Saturday, March 22, 2008

First Photo/Layout of the Week

This is a great page from Hollie at Digital Candy! Thanks Hollie for letting me use it!

What I love about these pictures is that they really capture a personality. The shadows are beautiful across the boys face, the expression is priceless, and they both are very photojournalistic. Not all pictures have to be so that the subject is looking at and smiling at the camera. What do we learn about a subject that way? nothing save that they can smile when asked. (and sometimes they can't even do that... :) ) With this style of photography, you learn so much about the subject in just one or two shots. Look again at these pictures and think to yourself what you know about this little boy now. amazing, huh? Great job Hollie on the pictures and also and the amazing display of them! Click here to go leave her some love!