Thursday, July 10, 2008

Featured Scrapper: ozchicki

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic week. The weather here in Northern California is super nice and warm and we are loving it. I took my daughter, Kate, to the beach the other day and she loved to watch the waves roll in and out and also indulged on a little bit of sand. It was so much fun.

I'm here to introduce you to a fellow Digital Candy scrapper, ozchicki. I asked her to answer a few questions so we could all get to know her.

What's your name? Angie

Tell us a little about you... Hmm..I am a full time primary school teacher. Here is Australia (specifically in the state I live) grade seven (12 yr olds!) is the final year of primary school before they head off to highschool. These are the darlings I teach. I am mum to two gorgeous children, Charlotte- who will be 5 in December and TJ- who just turned 3. I am also married to Loj (his nickname).

When did you start digiscrapping? I was in the final weeks of my pregnancy with TJ (over 3 years ago) and one of my online friends was digiscrapping. I thought it would be an easier and cleaner way to document the kids' lives. Prior to that I was a paper scrapper before that

How did you start digiscrapping? I did an online tutorial at scrapbookbytes and just plodded on from there. When TJ was born, digiscrapping got me through the nights when I was nursing TJ.

What kind of things inspire you? My kids. They are the reason I scrap

Desktop or Laptop? Laptop

What are some things in digiscrapping you could not live without? My laptop!!(I really need to back up soon!)

What's your fave TV show? Anything reality- Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor, The Mole.

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl? Neither! I would love to go to bed early and sleep in! I rarely get to do both. Oh how I miss sleep! I haven't slept in 5 years!! LOL

What is one quote that you would like to share with everyone? "Life is short, eat dessert first"

PC or Mac? PC PC PC!!

Do you snack while scrapping?? If so what? Anything! I am a pig!

What other hobbies do you do? Reading...

What is your favorite LO in your gallery? Angie sent me 3 of her favorites and let me pick. This one brought tears to my eyes. I copy and pasted the photo details for this LO:

When my little man was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 8 months old, we had no idea what his future would hold. He started walking a month before his second birthday and now, a month before his third birthday he is running, jumping and starting to climb. I am sure his angels (my husband's parents) are with him every step of his way, helping him as he charges through life. What is taken for granted with a lot of children, we cherish and savour.

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Thank you Angie for letting us get to know you.


amanda said...

It was SO fun to get to know you, Angie! And what a GREAT LO!! Awesome!

Carey said...

Great to get to know you! LOL - I don't think I've slept in 5 years either!