Friday, July 11, 2008

It's Fancy That Friday!

Well, it's friday! Thank goodness! We've had one heck of a week!

Elliott has just spent his first full week out of his crib! I say that, instead of "in his toddler bed" because he has rarely actually slept in the bed!! The beginning of the week started with him coming to the door the moment I put him down and screaming for one of us to go in and then waking up about 4 times in the night to repeat the process! And this is a boy, who has gone to sleep on his own and slept through the night since he was 2 months old!

But things are getting better now. He only cries at the door now for about a minute everynight and the last 4 days hasn't woken up in the night once! now to just get him to sleep in the bed! LOL


So today I bring you this week's Fancy That Layout! It was created by Crystal at Digital Candy on Sunday. I totally am in love with the simple design, the simple use of colors, the hit or miss doodl-y elements that are plain and that are colored, and of course the gorgeous use of white space!

Here's the Layout! It's linked to her gallery so you can leave her some love! And post me a comment to tell what you love about this layout!

I will also be posting the next freebie quickpage on Monday, July 14th! so be sure to check back!


*Crystal* said...

Thank you so much for choosing my LO!

Here are the full credits for those that are interested:
balance is beautiful by dawn inskip - this weeks featured designer on evitangels blog

this kit is only available by this link at TTS
feel free to change my words in some better english LOL