Friday, August 1, 2008

New Challenge for August!

Well, I wanted to announce a winner for the July 16th font challenge, but, crickets chirping, no one entered! So instead, I want to show you a couple of GORGEOUS layouts from our FAB CT, using some brand spankin' new kits from Duchess Designs.

The first is by Amanda, using Buddies: Kooper. I HEART this kit!

The second is by Deb, using Girlfriends: Kathryne. That photo just jumps right out at me!

School will be starting before we know it! Although my son is not school age yet, my husband is a teacher. We go through all the same back-to-school stuff as the students - new clothes, new supplies, dread and excitement for school to start! So, in honor of back-to-school time, the challenge for August 1st is to use the following ad from a Lands' End Kids catalog as inspiration to create a layout! You can use the color scheme, layout design, font treatment - whatever inspires you!

Once you've completed your layout, please post it in the gallery at Digital Candy and provide a link to your layout in the comments to this post no later than MIDNIGHT Eastern time on Friday, August 15th. For a little motivation this month, the first person to complete the challenge and post a link to their layout in the comments here will get their choice of one of the FABULOUS new Duchess Designs kits from the Girlfriends or Buddies lines! These are so cute! Plus, one random winner will be selected to receive one of the items in the Regal Sweet Bag #2 (to be revealed Aug. 1) and have her layout featured here on the blog!

Here's some inspiration from our CT! Please leave them some love!



Isn't it great how the same ad inspired two completely different layouts?!


Jane/Wags said...

I love using magazine and catalogs for inspiration!

lorig said...

That is a great piece of ad for inspiration.


afridigidiva said...

Looks like a fun challenge. I will certainly try to participate.

Len said...

I love how two LO's were inspired from one ad :)

Bethany Nicks and Family said...

my take on the add, in a more girly form :) can be found here:

Bethany Nicks and Family said...

Okay so I had to make some changes to my post, sorry!
Here is the link: