Saturday, August 16, 2008

Your Favorite Item for 99 Cents?!?!

What is the most wished-for product in the Duchess Designs store?


Today and tomorrow Tearing it Up is only 99 CENTS! C'mon, that's not even a whole dollar, how much does that rock! So get on over there and pick this up. I know for a fact I use these tears all the time. Wanna see?

Okay, here are some examples:

"Perfect Shot" by Jamie

"Fishin'" by Peggy

"Bloom" by Shannon (that's me!)

(And by the way, this layout was made with the Rockin Robin kit that's in the Regal Sweet Bag #3!)

So yeah, I LOVE these tears, and for the multitude of uses you can get out of them, 99 cents is a STEAL!

Hope you're all having a great weekend, I'm finally enjoying some down time. :)

TTYL, and God Bless!


Catherine said...

Love your tearing up and what your CT team has doen with them! so cool that they are only 99 cents!

Have a grea