Friday, November 21, 2008

Fancy That

Hey everyone! Dawn here for this weeks Fancy that. As you read last week, Jamie is gone this week. So I get the chance to take over the blog for the first time ever here!, Yep, you read that right, my first ever blog post for Duchess Designs..and I am so excited! So maybe I should introduce myself and tell ya a little bit about me. I joined Maria's team a couple of months ago and have been having a great time using her designs. I have been digi scrapping for about a yeah and a half now and love it. Although I am getting my hands back into paper trying out some hybrid stuff. Making all my gifts this year for the upcoming holidays. Calendars, some altered books, a few albums, candles, and I don't know what else, lol. And all using digital supplies along with embellies from my paper stash. Of course, I always get nervous about it all, hoping everyone likes what I made them. But they usually do, lol.

Lets see, I am 45 and have a grown daughter and new son in law. They will be going to Iraq again come February and I will be moving to take care of their house for them. So I am doing a lot of packing and stuff right now to be ready. They will be leaving the state in January, so that is when I am moving. Around digiland, I am known as winkasheart. There is a story to that name, but I won't bore you with the details about that here...I have put it on a layout in a gallery somewhere, lol. I have 2 kitties and while I am house sitting, with my 2 and my daughter's 3, I will have a house full of cats that are not going to be getting along for awhile, but we have to do what we have to do and they will get used to it. Although I have worries about 1 of mine...she has not been the same since the last time she was away from home, but then I wasn't with her either. So wish us all luck! and now that I have bored you all to tears, let's get to the layout I chose.

I found this super cute layout in the ScrapDish gallery by Chris Melo. Image is linked so you can give her some love. She used Duchess Designs Falling Leaves kit.

I love the circles of paper behind the photo, the glittery swirls, and the leaf tag. It's an overall great design!

And that is it from me for today. But I will be back tomorrow to make my second post! And let you in on what's new at Duchess Designs!