Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do you Want it ALL?!

Now you can have it!

I'm talking about my whole store of course!!

Now until Tuesday you can buy my WHOLE store for only $24.00!!! That's incredible savings of nearly 85% off!!

All you have to do is go to your paypal account (or even if you don't have paypal, you can simply go there anyway) and choose send money to the account: in the amount of $24.00. I will then email the account you used with a coupon to my WHOLE store!!!

easy peasy huh?!

But you better act fast because this deal is only happening for 2 days!!!


Elaine said...

Wow what a deal, thanks for letting us know

Queen Pamedalah said...

Cute blog and such a great bargain! Good Luck with your sale!

Amanda said...

Wow... Sweet deal!