Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lets Talk Needs

...or maybe it is more of a want thing, lol. I could say need, I know I need to have certain things in my life to make me happier, but they really aren't needs, but rather wants, lol. And I will get back to all that in just a second here, but first I need to chat, lol!

I have been away from home for the past 10 days or so, house sitting for my Mom while she is vacationing in Florida. Yeah, she left me here in this drab, rainy, cold weather and headed for the sun. I left my house with my EHD and a few other things I figured I would need while away to get some scrapping done and keep up with all my obligations. Well, you know how that goes. I got to my Mom's house and realized that she no longer had PSE 5 on her computer. I forgot that she had a problem a few months ago with a Vista update and had to totally redo her hard drive. OK, I guess I can finally go out and get PSE7 and upgrade. No problem there. I install it on her computer and then a little later I attend a speed scrap. I love speed scraps and they are so much fun! I open up PSE, get my first instruction, find the photos, and I am looking for a kit to use to and start creating my page.

Have you ever worked with anything like that on a computer that has less than 1GB of RAM??? It is NOT fun! I finally had to give up the ghost and put it away. I was so frustrated and it was moving SO SLOW!!! I could move a paper or resize something, and walk away and do something in the house and come back and it was still working on it! UGH! So needless to say, I got no scrapping done the whole time I was gone. I was going through withdrawals, lol. But that did give me a chance to do a lot of window shopping while I was on the computer and not scrapping. And that brings me back to our needs.

Maria, Duchess Designs, has quite a few items in her shop that once you get, you will use over and over again. Just stuff that is nice to have in your stash to add that little something to your page. Like these bread tags, Bread all About It! These are the cutest things and perfect for that finishing touch.

Or how about Ink It Up 3...which is full of ink splatters to grunge up your papers or photos or whatever you choose.

Or this pack of inked edges, which will come in handy again and again. Ink It Up! 2

I just want to end this by saying that having a few items in your stash like these will always come in handy and help you to create that perfect page! And with that I am off, I have put PSE7 on my own computer now, and I want to check it out and play! Have a great week everyone!


Melissa said...

I love it when I get back home to my nice fact PC :) 1 Gb of RAM is hard to scrap with these days :)